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Fitchburg Access TV "Chess Chat" Program Listing

NOTE: This page is currently under construction & may contain outdated information.
Most of the FATV links on this page refer to older archives which may or may not be accessible.
Once again, FATV has changed their method of storage & retrieval of current & archival episodes of their programs,
including "Chess Chat", such that they may be only viewed online through their cloud based application.
As of July 11th 2018, the only reliable way to access FATV Chess Chat programs online is by:
1.) visiting the FATV Program Schedule
& 2.) typing "Chess Chat" into the search box.
Check out george Mirijanian explaining Chess Chat on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuGTUNeiL64
Good luck & happy viewing.

Approximately once each month since its inception in October of 2006, Fitchburg Access Television has aired a video broadcast of an entertaining & informative locally originating cable TV program called "Chess Chat". Each episode of the show runs 30 minutes & features a single chess related topic of interest to viewers, be they avid chess players or more casual observers.

George Mirijanian hosts the show with regular co-host Marty Laine & Director Darrin Dame assisted by long time Wachusett Chess Club members Bruce Felton in the control room & Brian Biglow on camera. The shows occasionally also include in-studio guests with a close connection to the subject matter of that particular episode. FATV maintains an archive of current & past episodes of Chess Chat running back to about March of 2010. These episodes, organized by date of first FATV airing, show topic & featured game or other content, are listed here with individual links to the FATV archive for online video viewing.

If you're looking for games from these Chess Chat episodes in PGN algebraic notation or to view online, I've already found all those listed on this page & placed them on this site. You too may find them on the Wachusett Chess Club Games page linked in the table below in the "Featured Game" column.

Chess Chat programs after June 2015 are posted on the FATV website (www.fatv.org). By clicking on Video on Demand, scroll down to Chess Chat and you will find a total of 10 videos, which are all the programs since January 2015 up through October 15. Most of the postings have dates, except for the one titled "Chess World Mourns Passing of Grandmaster Walter Browne." That program was done in July. It would have been easier for people doing a search if all the programs were identified by both title and date. But the dates for nearly all of them are there. Direct links to these programs may eventually be available once they are moved into the FATV archive.

♙ ♘ ♗ ♖ ♕ ♔         FATV Chess Chat Programs         ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟
Date AiredProgram Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
2016Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
May_2_2016co-host Dave Couture "Carissa Yip crushes Krush in U.S. Women's Championship"XXX XXX XXX XXX
April_11_2016co-host Dave Couture "Boris Spassky vs. Tigran Petrosian 1966 World Championship Match" 4.11.2016 XXX XXX XXX XXX
March_7_2016co-host Gail Lingner "Mark Taimanov - World's 2nd Oldest Grandmaster"XXX XXX XXX XXX
February_1_2016co-host Gail Lingner: FIDE designates 2016 "Year of Paul Keres."XXX XXX XXX XXX
January_4_2016co-host Gail Lingner "In Memoriam: Harold B. Dondis Dean of N.E. Chess Journalists"XXX XXX XXX XXX
2015Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
December_5_2015guest Carissa & Percy Yip "Carissa Yip wins Silver Medal in World Youth Championship"XXX XXX XXX XXX
November_2_2015co-host Gail Lingner "Paul Charles Morphy The Pride and Sorrow of Chess" XXX XXX XXX XXX
October_5_2015"Pawn Sacrifice" The Bobby Fischer MovieXXX XXX XXX XXX
September_12_2015Grandmaster Levon Aronian Wins 2015 Sinquefield Cup XXX XXX XXX XXX
August_1_2015Wachusett Chess Club honors International Master John GrefeXXX XXX XXX XXX
July_13_2015Chess World Mourns Passing of Grandmaster Walter BrowneXXX XXX XXX XXX
July_13_2015Chess World Mourns Passing of Grandmaster Walter BrowneXXX XXX XXX XXX
July_13_2015Chess World Mourns Passing of Grandmaster Walter BrowneXXX XXX XXX XXX
June_1_2015Honoring Evert Siiskonen at Fitchburg's Saima Park Eero Book - A Hiidenheimo, Helsinki 1925
May_2_2015Carissa Yip makes U.S. chess history(Guests Carissa Yip & her father Percy Yip) Gorti-Yip
March_2_2015Hikaru Nakamura Wins Zurich Chess ChallengeNakamura-Karjakin, Round 3
February_2_2015World Champion Magnus Carlsen @ Tata Steel, NetherlandsIvanchuk-So, Round 8
2014Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
April_7_2014Don't Play Like Me - The trials & Tribulations of a Chess HobbiestHarold Moye-Dave Couture
2013Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
January_7_2013Women's World Champion Anna UsheninaUshenina-Stoyanovich 2006 Eu Ch, Turkey
2012Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
December_3_2012A Lasting Tribute to FSU Professor Emeritus Ernest E. Fandreyer (1926-2012)(no game)
November_5_2012Rizz the Whiz Scores at Greater Boston Open.Rizzitano-Tkach, GBO 2012
October_1_2012Carissa Yip - New Star on the HorizonYip-Cote
September_10_2012A Tribute to Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric (1923-2012)S. Gligorich - M. Gerusel 1969 Buesum GER Round 15
September_10_2012A Tribute to Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric (1923-2012)S. Gligorich - M. Gerusel 1969 Buesum GER Round 15
August_6._2012Looking Back 40 Years, Fischer-Spassky Match, More Than a World Championship(Vintage Video Clips)
July_9,_2012Prokofiev Plays Ravel - Clash of Classical ComposersProkofiev-Ravel, March 1924
June_4_2012Hikaru Nakamura - 2012 U.S. Chess ChampionNakamura-Hess 2012 US Ch Round 1
May_7_2012Albert Einstein vs. J. Robert OppenheimerEinstein-Oppenheimer, Princeton 1933
April_2_2012U.S. Championship PreviewBisguier-Nakamura(age 10)
March_5,_2012Yuri Averbakh - World's Oldest GrandmasterAverbakh-Fischer, Portoroz Interzonal 1958
February_6_2012Chess-playing U.S. Presidents(no game)
January_9_2012Fred Reinfeld: America's Chess TeacherReinfeld-Reshevsky 1932
2011Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
December_5_2011Igor Foygel - 71st New England Open ChampionFoygel-Wang 71st New England Open Round 5 2011.09.05
November_7_2011FIDE Master John Curdo: "Dean of New England Chess"(Phone Interview) John Curdo - Robert Byrne 1994 Chicago US Open
October_3,_2011Frank J. Marshall: "King of Swindlers"Janowski-Marshall 1912
June_6,_2011An Interview with Dr. Frank Brady(no game)
May_2,_2011Massachusetts State Chess ChampionshipIvanov-Curdo New England Open, Worcester 1990
April_4,_2011Mass. Masters in U.S. Chess ChampionshipLarry Christiansen - Eugene Meyer, Lone Pine 1977
March_7,_2011Harold B. Dondis: Dean of New England Chess JournalistsFischer-Dondis 1964 Simul
3rd January 2011GM Paul Keres: The Crown Prince of ChessKeres-Alekhine 1937
2010Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
6th December 2010In Memoriam: GM Larry Evans (1932-2010)Larry Evans - Art Bisguier 1958 US Ch
November_2,_2010Chess Olympiads: Past & PresentFischer-Najdorf Olympiad 1962
6th October 2010In Memoriam: GM Bent LarsenLarsen-Petrosian 2nd Piatagorsky Cup, Santa Monica Round 7 1966
June_14,_20102010 United States Chess ChampionshipNakamura-Shulman 2010 US Ch
May_5,_2010Massachusetts State Chess Champions[Bruce Felton, Tony Cesolini, John Gugarty] (no game)
April_2010GM Vasily Smyslov (1921-2010)Lipnitsky-Smyslov USSR Ch 1951
March_2010Alexander Alekhine: 4th World ChampionAlekhine - Eero Einar Book, Margate 1938
February_2010GM Magnus Carlsen: World's Number 1 PlayerCarlsen-Gabrielson Norway Ch 2003
2009Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
2008Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
2007Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game
2006Program Title (Link to FATV Video)Featured Game