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January 14th, 2017
Former Wachusett CC member Jon Edwards columnist for new American Chess Magazine

Jon R. Edwards, a member of the Wachusett Chess Club in the early 1970s, is now a columnist for the new American Chess Magazine, published by the Chess Informant. Edwards, who lived in West Acton, Mass. during the period in which he played at the Wachusett CC when it was situated at the Fitchburg YMCA, is a well-known correspondence chess player. He won the 10th U.S. Correspondence Chess Championship in 1997 and the 8th North American Invitational Chess Correspondence Championship in 1999. A Senior International Master in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF), the 63-year-old resident of New Jersey has written more than 20 books on chess. During his time at the Wachusett CC, he was greatly influenced by two-time (1973 & 1974) club champion Stephan Gerzadowicz, a noted correspondence player and author of several chess books. Edwards' column in the American Chess Magazine is titled "Chess Tech," In his first article, he introduces the readers to the wonders of ChessBase Account and plans in future columns to teach the intricacies of ChessBase 13/14.
-George M

January 11th, 2017

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 11th, 2017
Round 2 of 5 Results
♔ Larry Gladding 1-0Brett Kildahl
Paul Godin 1-0Ken Gurge
Arthur Barlas 0-1Roger Cappallo
♔ Alex Venezia 1-0Diego Ubiera
Geoff LePoer 1-0Ed Harris
Jim Donahue 0-1Gary Brassard
Ralph McNeilage 0-1Dave Couture
Mike Meehan 1-0Tom Fratturelli
♔ Don Briggs 1-0Alan Condon
Seeth Ganesan 1-0Hugh McLaughlin
Jim Hankard 1-0Randy McLaughlin
Mike Commisso 1-0Larry O'Rourke
Brian Biglow 0-1John Bastarache
Wayne Steadman 1/2-1/2♖ Emily Gawboy
Bob Mathieu 1-0Andrew Kiser
Total of 15 boards, 3 major upsets (). 1 upset draw ()

♝ Receiving half-point byes were Dave Thomas, George Mirijanian, Vlad Gaciu, Stan Talcott,
Gail Lingner, Nik Lavoie, Nicholas Anderson and Francis Scanlon.
♙ Withdrawing from the tournament were Jackson Parker and George Miller.

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 11th, 2017
2.0Godin, Cappallo, LePoer, Brassard, Gladding, Venezia
1.5Couture, Thomas, Meehan, Briggs
1.0Kildahl, Mirijanian, Ubiera, Gaciu, Gurge, Barlas, Donahue, Harris, McNeilage, Ganesan, Hankard, Commisso, Bastarache,
Mathieu, Talcott
0.5Fratturelli, Lingner, Steadman, Lavoie, Anderson, Gawboy, Scanlon
0.0Condon, Biglow, H. McLaughlin, R. McLaughlin, O'Rourke, Kiser

Projected Round 3 Pairings for January 18th:

Board #: [White] vs. [Black]
Board 1: Brassard vs, Godin Board 2: Cappallo vs. Gladding Board 3: Venezia vs. LePoer Board 4: Couture vs. Meehan Board 5: Briggs vs. Thomas Board 6: Kildahl vs. McNeilage Board 7: Mirijanian vs. Ganesan Board 8: Ubiera vs. Hankard Board 9: Gurge vs. Commisso Board 10: Bastarache vs. Barlas Board 11: Talcott vs. Donahue Board 12: Harris vs. Mathieu Board 13: Fratturelli vs. Lavoie Board 14: Anderson vs. Lingner Board 15: Scanlon vs. Steadman Board 16: Gawboy vs. Condon Board 17: O'Rourke vs. Biglow Board 18: R. McLaughlin vs. Kiser

REMINDER: Players must be present by 7:10 P.M. in order to be paired for Round 3 on January 18th.
Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 P.M.

January 8th, 2017

Woman FIDE master Carissa Yip, champion of the Wachusett Chess Club in 2014, scored one of the biggest successes in her tournament career by tying as one of the runners-up in the 5th annual Boston Chess Congress, held Jan. 6-8 at the Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel. Carissa, playing on top board in the final round of the event, drew GM Alexander Ivanov (2564), who clinched first place with a score of 4.5-0.5 Sharing the 2nd and 3rd-place prizes with Carissa with 4-1 tallies were Canadian grandmaster Eric Hansen (2659), IM David Vigorito (2448), and FM Chris Chase (2391). Also scoring 4-1 and finishing as a runner-up was Farzad Abdi (2246), who won the top Under 2300 prize, and M. Derek Meredith (2125), who won the 2nd U2300 prize.
Carissa started the tournament by defeating two high-rated experts in the first two rounds, then drew IM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy (2489) of New York in round 3, beat a frequent rival, master Grant Xu (2396), in round 4 before splitting the point with Ivanov in the final round.
The Wachusett Chess Club congratulates Carissa on her very fine finish.
-George M

January 4th, 2017
2017 Reggie Boone Memorial
Round 1 of 5

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 4th, 2017
Round 1 of 5 Results
Brett Kildahl 1-0Seeth Ganesan
Alan Condon 0-1Paul Godin
Roger Cappallo 1-0Jim Hankard
♖ Tom Fratturelli 1/2-1/2George Mirijanian
Diego Ubiera 1-0Mike Commisso
John Bastarache 0-1Geoff LePoer
Gary Brassard 1-0Wayne Steadman
Nik Lavoie 0-1Larry Gladding
Ken Gurge 1-0Brian Biglow
Hugh McLaughlin 0-1Arthur Barlas
Dave Couture 1/2-1/2♖ Don Briggs
Larry O'Rourke 0-1Alexander Venezia
Dave Thomas 1-0Nicholas Anderson
Emily Gawboy 0-1Jim Donahue
Ed Harris 1-0Francis Scanlon
Andrew Kiser 0-1Ralph McNeilage
16 boards, no major upsets () two upset draws ()

♝ Receiving half-point byes were Vlad Gaciu, Jackson Parker, Mike Meehan, George Miller and Stan Talcott.
♗ Declining half-point byes were Gail Lingner and Randy McLaughlin.

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 4th, 2017
1.0Kildahl, Godin, Cappallo, Ubiera, LePoer, Brassard, Gladding, Gurge, Barlas, Venezia, Thomas, Donahue, Harris, McNeilage
0.5Mirijanian, Gaciu, Couture, Parker, Fratturelli, Meehan, Miller, Talcott, Briggs
0.0Ganesan, Condon, Hankard, Commisso, Bastarache, Lingner, Steadman, Lavoie, Biglow, H. McLaughlin, R. McLaughlin,
O'Rourke, Anderson, Gawboy, Scanlon, Kiser

Projected Round 2 Pairings for January 11th:

Board #: [White] vs. [Black]
Board 1: Barlas vs. Kildahl Board 2: Godin vs. Gurge Board 3: Venezia vs. Cappallo Board 4: Donahue vs. Ubiera Board 5: McNeilage vs. Brassard Board 6: Gladding vs. Thomas Board 7: Mirijanian vs. Harris Board 8: Gaciu vs. Meehan Board 9: Miller vs. Couture Board 10: Parker vs. Talcott Board 11: Briggs vs. Fratturelli Board 12: Ganesan vs. Lavoie Board 13: Biglow vs. Condon Board 14: Hankard vs. H. McLaughlin Board 15: Commisso vs. O'Rourke Board 16: R. McLaughlin vs. Bastarache Board 17: Lingner vs. Gawboy Board 18: Steadman vs. Kiser

♗ Requesting a half-point bye for Round 2 is LePoer, Anderson and Scanlon.

REMINDER: Players must be present by 7:10 P.M. in order to be paired for Round 2 on January 11th.
Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 P.M.

January 3rd, 2017
CHESS WORKSHOP with George Mirijanian
Saturday, January 7, 2017 at Fitchburg Public Library

CHESS WORKSHOP for youth and adults with George Mirijanian of the Wachusett Chess Club, 10:30 AM 'til noon, Saturday, January 7, 2017 at Fitchburg Public Library. Work on your game, and enjoy the company of other players. George (who is also my uncle) is the host and founder of "Chess Chat," the most popular chess show in the world, which originates at FATV. PLEASE share with students!!
-Sally C.