From the May 26, 1965, Fitchburg Sentinel.

"Garbicz Chess Champion."

"Lester Garbicz, a Fitchburg High School senior who has been accepted at Lowell Technological Institute, has won the fifth annual Wachusett Chess Club championship, it was announced on Wednesday at the regular meeting of that organization, held at the First Parish Church hall.

The tourney, a 12-round Swiss with one game played at each meeting over the past three months, drew 38 members who played in three classes, A. B, and C, and was directed by the eventual winner under the rules and regulations of the United States Chess Federation.
Garbicz, 17 years old and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garbicz of 87 Senna Road, who will begin studying for an engineering degree in September at LTI, played magnificently throughout the competition, winning 10 matches and drawing two, each of the latter being worth a half-point. He had one stalemate with Toivo Lamsa, in the sixth round, and the other with Paul Godin, in the seventh, amassing a total of 11 points out of a possible 12.

Evert Siiskonen, the 1963 champion, won the Class A title and was also runner-up, winning nine games and drawing twice, once with Rocco Pasquale in the seventh round and again with Godin in the ninth, to complete play with a final score of 10 points. His lone loss was to champion Garbicz.

Pasquale, a veteran campaigner and a constant threat in any match, won second place in "A" by edging out Godin by one-half tie-breaking point. Rocco had eight wins and two draws for a total of nine, losing to Garbicz and Bob Fortier while drawing with Siiskonen and John Dould to wind up third in the standings.

Godin, who also had nine points but lost to Pasquale in that tie-break, was fourth in the closing tally. However, only a sophomore at St. Bernard's Central Catholic High, he is expected to furnish plenty of opposition in the coming years.

First place in the "B" group went to John Dould, an Athol High senior who had six wins and two draws for a seven points' total. Dould won his crown via the tie-breaking system by six points over Bob Arsenault, who had an identical final tabulation.

Newcomer Arsenault won the "B" trophy awarded for the second spot with six wins and two draws and a seven points' total. Dould was seventh in the final standings, Arsenault eighth.
Joe Lizotte, an FHS sophomore, won the "C" championship by edging Robert Thorman via a tie-breaking three points. Lizotte scored six tourney points and wound up 16th in the standings.

Thorman, in his first season with the WCC, won the "C" second-place trophy with six points and finished 17th in the overall competition.

Fortier, a formidable player and last year's champion, wound up in fifth place with 8 1/2 points."